Equilibrium of Terror: Part 1

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The fleet is gathering. The stakes are high. War is inevitable.

After their escape from Sol, Chloe, Jazz and the ragtag crew of the Silver Raven awake from their deep space cryostasis sleep in the Barnard’s Star system, unaware that the Hashmedai Empire under the influence of the Celestial Order stands on the brink of launching a second incursion of Earth.

This time Earth stands alone with only a fleet of eight warships.

This time there’s nothing Princess Kroshka can do to stop her mother and Empress of the empire to end the war.

Lucky for Chloe and Jazz, Barnard’s Star is the location of a major Celestial Order stronghold. Defending Earth might not be an option for them, but cutting off the head of the snake where it rests is.

While the UNE struggles to keep the empire away from Earth, Chloe and Jazz go their separate ways to disrupt all Celestial Order operations in the Barnard’s Star system.

And uncover a secret the human race was not supposed to learn.