Celestial Ascension

Extraterrestrials exist. Not all of them come in peace.

Two mighty galactic Empires, The Radiance Union and The Hashmedai Empire throw Earth into a tug of war conflict. The Radiance Union wishes to experiment and conduct tests amongst the Human population, while the Hashmedai Empire wishes to subjugate humanity.

US Marine Chloe Vaughan was about to enjoy some much needed leave time with her friends and family in New York City. On one fateful afternoon, she receives a phone call that will change her life forever.

Canadian Army soldier turned drifter, Jake “Jazz” Johnson has one mission, turn his life around, start anew. All of that changes when an assassin duo from another world steps out of the shadows, tossing his life into chaos and fight for survival. A mysterious woman he met in Los Vegas holds the answers.

The human race is about to enter a historic moment in their evolution… Provided they can survive the trials which lay ahead. Only Chloe and Jazz and their ragtag group of acquaintances can lead humanity to victory – Too bad Chloe and Jazz don’t work well together.

Celestial Ascension is the first book of the Splintered Galaxy series a dark, sexy, provocative and gritty space opera for adults.