Uprising of the Exiled

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The sequel to the dark and sexy science-fiction thriller Celestial Ascension.

Twenty-two years ago, billions of lives were lost worldwide.

The Hashmedai Empire’s invasion of Earth was tenacious, fueled by the rage over Empress Y’lin’s loss of her only son.

The Radiance Union, a collective of five races, offered the human race the last thing they expected from aliens—salvation.

Everything humanity wanted was granted years later: the removal of the Hashmedai invaders, cures to all known diseases, world peace, colonies on Mars and beyond, ships of their own to travel the stars, and protection from future extraterrestrial threats. A new golden age for the human race had begun.

And the Radiance Union wanted nothing in return.

Or did they?

As the Radiance fleet protecting Earth grew in size and their soldiers continued to patrol the cities of Earth, many people asked: Did humanity truly rid themselves of alien invaders? Or did they trade one invader for another?

A terrorist group made up of an unholy alliance of humans and surviving Hashmedai from the war accuses the Radiance Union of secretly controlling the new united Earth government. Several deadly terrorist attacks were unleashed with no end in sight, all targeting Radiance Union races currently stationed on Earth.

Not exactly the Earth that Maj. Chloe Vaughan of the Extrasolar defense force remembered when she returned. But it was certainly a mess she and her friends are willing to clean up.